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Hero Tribe First Recruits by DarkYoshi989 Hero Tribe First Recruits by DarkYoshi989
After the formation of the Hero Tribe, more heroes aspired to join their cause; some familiar faces, but also some newcomers. Each with their own story on how they came to join the Hero Tribe. They are listed in the order that they join.

The Brain: The Technician

Not long after the Hero Tribe came to be, Drillboy recruited his partner and best friend, the Brain, to  join the Hero Tribe, to which Brain enthusiastically accepted. He had hoped Drillboy would include Brain in the new fight against evil forces. And Brain proved to be a very valuable asset, since he is the smartest man alive. His technical skills are like no other person on Earth. He knows just about everything there is to know about anything on Earth and on many other planets. But the Brain does have his flaws, his most common one being his perfectionism. He tends to go on angry rants whenever a plan does not go perfectly,much to the annoyance of the rest of the Tribe.His biggest quarrels are with Shark Ace, mostly because Brain is usually more disobedient than Bullet Ant. He believes he should be in charge since he is the smartest member of the Hero Tribe. But this is usually during missions. Other times, he and Shark Ace find each other...tolerable. Besides Drillboy, Brain is good friends with Matter Guard and Frostgirl.

Frostgirl: The Captor

When Nature Boy told his story about his contribution to the Hero Tribe's Battle of San Francisco, Frostgirl felt the urge to join the cause. She liked the idea of defending all of Earth, not just Nature. She immediately decided to join, and became a big help in capturing villains. She could freeze bad guys in a tomb of ice in case simply arresting them is out of the question. These were the dangerous villains; the villains that had the capacity to do major damage. As far as relationships with teammates go, she is fairly friendly with everybody except Erupto. Frostgirl does not exactly trust Erupto, and is quite intimidated by him; Not only because he's really big, and his powers are polar opposite to hers, but Frostgirl also feels like Erupto is too powerful, and that his power will cause a huge disaster someday. But one of her most significant relationships is with Drillboy; the two of them have shown major romantic interest in each other, and tend to flirt a lot.

Pink Mask: The Sniper

Paul Lightwater became Pink Mask shortly after the Battle of San Francisco, and he seemed to follow the Lone Wolf path for quite some time. But he was eventually recruited by Shark Ace, whom had been watching the news about Pink Mask's battle against crime in Arizona. This was about a week after the Disciple and the True Powers conducted the San Mariano Comic-Con Bombing. Shark Ace believed that Pink Mask's skills as a police officer could help them track down the Disciple. Pink Mask's marksmanship also made for a great advantage for the Hero Tribe. He was designated as the Team Sniper. He knows where to aim, and how much firepower he needs to bring. He became great friends with Shark Ace after being recruited. Pink Mask and Bullet Ant get along the best, for they both have very similar stories of pain and loss.

Queen Wasp: The Poison Specialist

While many of Shark Ace's mutant allies decided to take a break from the crime-fighting life, there was one who still wanted to keep fighting: Queen Wasp. She made the most of the new life she had, despite her self-consciousness, and became really dedicated to the superhero life. And so when the Rebel Alliance of Mutants temporarily disbanded, Queen Wasp joined the Hero Tribe to continue fighting alongside allies. As a wasp mutant, she now possesses a powerful venom that, depending on the dose, can disable or kill her enemies. But poison is usually only used for stealth missions or assassinations. Regardless, when the Hero Tribe need poisonous weapons, Queen Wasp supplies the poison. She is really good friends with all the other girls on the team: Flare Dragon, Frostgirl, and Phantomess. The four of them do all kinds of "girl stuff" together. Flare Dragon even confessed her secret love for Shark Ace to her friends on one of their Girls' Nights Out.

Phantomess: The Occultist

Phantomess' story of how she became part of the Hero Tribe is very interesting, for it started when she was held prisoner by Madame Wilten in an abandoned tower. Coincidentally, the Hero Tribe came to this tower on Halloween expecting a fun "haunted house" experience (Except for Flare Dragon; she was completely terrified). After being freed from the tower's boundaries, Phantomess joins the Hero Tribe, being the go-to girl for magic-related threats and supernatural beings. Her skills in magic and phantasmal being proves very useful to the fight against evil. Phantomess became good friends with everyone, especially the other girls. She and Flare Dragon are confirmed BFFs, and the two of them do just about everything together.

Horus: The Air Support

Horus joins the Hero Tribe after they help him to defeat Set yet again, whom had regained his power, and planned to shroud the world in a massive sandstorm. This was something he had aspired to do after he heard about the Battle of San Francisco, and this was the opportunity he was looking for. Horus serves as the team's Air Support/Air Scout. He will fly high up in the air and zoom down with his Falcon Vision to give a report as to what he sees. Horus will also fight airborne enemies that his allies are unable to deal with. Horus has a friendly rivalry with Lightspeed Boom, since they can challenge each other with their super speed. He is wary of Phantomess' dark magic abilities, but respects her, mostly out of sympathy after hearing her backstory. His best friendship on the team is with Pink Mask; Horus is simply impressed with how much Pink Mask can do despite having no superpowers whatsoever.
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